Welcome! Tradition dictates that the About page needs to be written in the third person and include many accolades. So here we go.

Inna, also known as the blog author, has spend 13 years looking at, wrangling and massaging data of various types ranging from reaction times in visual function experiments to user opinion surveys and UI logs in academia and industry. She has a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience. She currently works as a quantitative user experience researcher (also known as a behavioural data scientist) which essentially means applying fun quanty methods to understand users and their needs.

This blog is about data, UX, visualization, stats, data, what can we learn from data, interesting data sources and data. Did I say data? Inna’s overall mission is to find meaningful insights about the world from (you know it) data and have everyone who sees a factual statement in a Facebook post or a newspaper article ask “How do you know that?” and “Where is this number coming from?”. Mind the data, folks.